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Hey entrepreneurs! Are you a small business owner that would like your website to be promoted for free? Are you looking to reach new people? If so you are in the right place! *No Handbag Businesses allowed, unless you want me to do a blog about another product aside from handbags*

How can you get free promotion and build brand trust for your business?

  • Comment down below what you sell!
  • Comment the name of your business!
  • Comment your website! 
  • Comment one social media you use with your @

After you comment all of those, I will write a blog post about your business according to your website and your products.

How is this beneficial to you?

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Your website link will be attached to the blog I make about you
  • Builds trust for your customers when they see the blog on your website
  • Helps your website authority on google

What is a Blog? | Definition from TechTarget

What else do I do after I comment?

  • Nothing until I make the blog about your brand and how awesome it is!

How will I know when the blog post is done?

  • I will contact you
  • After you receive the link to the blog post about your brand add it to your website to build trust with new customers!

Do you know what a blog post can do for your business?

  • Build trust for customers
  • Helps increase your domain authority
  • Helps you rank higher on google 

Here is an example of a blog post I will do for you for free!



  • Jordan Henry

    Hi. My husband and I created a brand to showcase Hope through what we use and wear.
    We make Homemade soaps, body butter, sugar scrubs, etc. (skincare) Also, Merch: mainly t-shirts.
    Milk and Honey Store is our name. Made to support the ministry we are currently building. (click on shop/store)

  • Dez Knails

    Hii, I sell custom press on sets. Additionally, if you’re in Atlanta, I have openings throughout the week, can travel to you (for a fee) and do luxury nail sets from my home and few more services.
    My Instagram is @dezknails.
    My work number is (512)-815-2853.
    My website is

  • Tanesha Triplett

    Hey!! I appreciate the opportunity. Aside from handbags. I’ma Lady Handbags and Accessories offers lips glosses and lashes.

  • Ken’s Butterfly Boutique

    I sell accessories such as beaded bracelets, bangles, and lashes. Website is Our instagram is @kensbutterflyboutique.

  • Lips By tye

    my brand is lips by tye, I sell Lipgloss, makeup, and other things! Website is lipsbytye

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