5 Trendy Modern Victorian Fashion Accessories You Need

The Victorian era is one of my favorites. The style the victorian women had was impeccable! They wore long dresses which made them look like princesses all the time, and they also wore fine jewelry! Oh how things have changed! I long for the days where everything was royalty. The Jewelry was royalty, the handbags were royalty, and everything else was royalty. 
This locket necklace is like the one from vampire diaries that belonged to Rebekah, but was given to Elena. I love this necklace because it resembles the victorian jewelry. It is one of a kind! This necklace can be found here
Victorian fashion is so much more than jewelry and pretty dresses. It is the epitome of a perfect handbag. If you want to tap into your victorian side and be royalty everyday, here is a list of 5 trendy modern victorian items that you need.
  1. A Victorian Style Necklace 
2. A Victorian Style Handbag

3. A Victorian Style Ring
4. A Pair Of Victorian Style Sunglasses
5. A Silk Elegant Modest Dress

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  • Tanesha T

    My niece loves this collection. I got the necklace and the sunglasses for her from you! It’s one of a kind. 💜

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